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Midget Twins Spend a Morning Volunteering at Winnipeg Harvest

Once again, the Midget Boys hockey team spent a Saturday morning in late January volunteering at Winnipeg Harvest. After bringing in their collected non-perishable food items for donation, the gentlemen spent the morning hours in the warehouse sorting food items in preparation for delivery.

In feeding roughly 65,000 Manitobans monthly (half of which are children), Winnipeg Harvest is the largest food bank in Central Canada. Although only providing a few hundred pounds in donations, once again the Midget Twins certainly had an impact on the approximate 15 million pounds of food shipped annually through the help and support of volunteers at Winnipeg Harvest.

Much like the many life lessons learned on the ice - or more notably in the dressing room - the Midget Twins definitely went home with a wider knowledge of the less-fortunate in their community - something also quite prevalent through their first-half volunteering experience at Koats for Kids. 

As a not-for-profit, community-based food bank, Winnipeg Harvest thrives on its volunteer activity. Instilling the values of selfless giving and hard work can be found through volunteering. Such hard work builds up an appetite, so following the busy morning, the Midget Boys enjoyed an 'all-you-can-eat' pizza lunch en route to their first weekend victory of the second half. 


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